Private Client Services

Chiba Taiko Partners

Our experience at Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ in assisting clients to guide you in adapting to the economic changes, recognizing new changes and hidden financial threats, and efficiently set your portfolio for high returns.

Our talented managers and advisors understand the sophisticated world of financial markets, and their availability to interact and share their experience encourages our customers to go on with a positive attitude in any investment conditions.


Our Experience Works For You

Mixing the advantages of a global asset manager with the knowledge of a wealth manager committed to offering quality solutions to private customers, we provide a wide selection of options, which makes us unique.

Created mainly for private customers and covering all asset types, our investment skills are set to exceed the standards out there while reducing the effect of fluctuations.

Our experience in asset allocation, solid investment strategies, and innovative, target-oriented management, allows us to guarantee our customers a productive investment recommendation and great solutions that help them achieve their financial objectives.

We consider that it is essential to focus on the way we are dealing with the funds you entrust us. Whether you give us full control over the investment decisions in your stead or choose increased participation in the investment functions, we offer qualified advice, assistance, and a complete set of methods that can support you in achieving a suitable asset allocation and smart investing recommendations.

We are proud of our professional managers and advisers that deal with the global markets. Our international status suggests that we have precious insights.