Our Capabilities

Chiba Taiko Partners

Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ prides itself as a company with a global reach, we have the advantage of being informed on anticipated news from east to west that can influence the markets.

We have experienced investment professionals who can determine new trends and come with a long-term prediction. Our groups of experts base their decisions on relevant information and events helping you to interact with an exclusive intellectual and informational resource.

Your dedicated account manager who handles your portfolio will offer you strategic suggestions and assist you in utilizing up to date strategies to form your investment approach.


Global Opportunities

Being one of the top financial services with an international recognition, we mostly cover the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Our specific abilities permit us to offer relevant knowledge concerning investment conditions in these areas. Thus, we can give a prompt response to the market changes and innovations.

Our special areas of practice include:


Emerging Markets

Our substantial knowledge of the emerging markets allows us to provide specialist investment portfolios to our customers worldwide.


Capital Markets

As a respected wealth management service with a solid balance sheet, we can give you a complete variety of derivatives and notes.


Hedge Funds

Chiba Taiko Partners is a frontrunner in the hedge fund market. Our groups of experts utilize in-depth analysis to discover the most recent opportunities in fund management.


Foreign Exchange

Our team of foreign exchange traders uses different strategies based on the fundamental and technical analysis. All the currency pairs can be considered in our portfolios, including the Chinese Yuan.


Mutual Funds

Our committed fund experts offer great assistance related to all important asset classes and market sectors.



The exceptional results achieved in trading gold, precious metals, base metals, oil, and other commodities, make us proud of our team.