Our Approach

Chiba Taiko Partners

Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ understands that there is no form of trust higher then ensuring your capital with a financial institution. We consider this duty with every step we make; at Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ we make an effort to become a great partner in creating and protecting the funds that you entrust us. This is the way we try to achieve it:


Investment Approach

Our objective is to support our customers and make sure their future is safe from a financial perspective. With our client’s best interest in the forefront of every action, we aim to steadily increase the investment portfolio that we manage for you and to reach your desired targets.

Each investment move that we plan considers your voice and your preferred result. We are motivated to offer a trading journey that surpasses your predictions but is still within the limits of your risk profile.

We think that relying on top quality assets may ultimately generate huge profits for you. We are committed to a rigorous list of conditions by which we determine what the value actually signifies for us.

We aim to develop a portfolio comprised of the strongest and most reliable investment options we may get, whether it be equities, fixed-income, commodities, alternative assets, or whether the trading form is done through straight holdings or collectives. It indicates that we make an effort to add value to your portfolio in a consistent way.

When planning your asset allocation, we evaluate every asset class as of now weighted against the quotations from many years ago. We consider every detail that may make a difference: growth, interest levels, inflation, political factors, social changes, and durability.

By following this procedure, we measure our estimated profits and the unpredictability for every asset class in the medium term or in the long term, and in the end, we apply the described above while considering your targets and risk profile.