Market Insight

Chiba Taiko Partners

Mission & Vision

Making investments without conducting research and analysis of the product in question simply does not work; here at Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ we ensure our clients get informed about every major economic event that may have a strong impact on their individual and collective investment decisions.

We don’t simply collect data from major sources and present them to you. We make our own research, creating statistics, charts, potential trends, and give our own estimations that are handled by expert traders, investors, algorithm makers, statistics experts and economists.

Moreover, our international presence gives us the opportunity to discover the major changes from the very incipient stages, and we don’t hide our financial knowledge but share this to our clients.

We have many relationships in a wide range of market sectors and we can use it to get a better understanding of the economic picture of the world or of particular regions.

The information is the key in many investment situations because the fundamental data is the driving factor that moves the technical indicators.

The information comes first and you will know it first because of our latest technologies and methods to receive, process, and distribute data to you personally.

Our Global Research, Macroeconomic Research and Investment Insights are our three main fields that can cover all the major and minor aspects of the financial tendencies and investment procedures.