Fixed Income

Chiba Taiko Partners

It is known that bonds are usually less unpredictable than stocks or other asset types if the issuer has a positive rating. The bond price fluctuations are lower, which generates more stability.

Bonds allow you to secure your funds when kept till maturity and take advantage of a higher return than investing on the Forex market, as long as the bond issues keep its stable path. This asset type may offer you a stable profit until maturity or until a potential call.

For our more active and superior customers, we can also recommend bonds offering more appealing returns, although associated with a higher risk. As examples, we can name typical high yield bonds or corporate hybrid bonds. The choice and tracking are crucial in bond investment, and a regular buy-and-hold isn’t necessarily the proper approach to embrace. There are solid connections with stock markets as well.

At Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ, our global network of bond experts come with an extensive research to offer you qualified suggestions about an intricate investment segment – government bonds, corporate bonds (financial and non-financial), quality or subordinated rankings, mature and emerging sectors, coupons (fixed or floating), bonds in various currencies, etc.

According to our strong beliefs, our experts make choices among bond issuers and check these regularly. Our devoted team may also provide you with open entry to primary or secondary markets via skilled execution teams, and give you made-to-measure systems if needed.

We are ready to assist you to enter these markets via a set of investment services like funds or structured investments.

If you choose to invest in bonds, it indicates that you pick a market worth over $100 trillion, according to the Bank for International Settlements.

This market comes with many benefits:

  • A consistent and predetermined return;
  • Decreased volatility when put together with other asset types;
  • Many investment attributes and specifics, such as different company or government debts, foreign currencies, maturities or risk levels;
  • Continuous and growing consideration from international traders.