Corporate Social Responsibility

Chiba Taiko Partners

Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ regularly participates in projects and campaigns to deal with social problems in order to accomplish its public obligations as a legal entity.

We think that advertising and handling corporate social responsibility routines in a correct manner is an essential aspect of keeping and raising our merits and value. The fundamental approach regarding CSR is displayed in our Code of Ethics that includes the Basic Management Policy.

We also have a special CSR Committee, which is accountable for the proper handling of these actions.


Founder’s Principles

Chiba Taiko Partners has always been dedicated to support social progress. We feel that our public duty is strongly related to the functional manifestation of our Founder’s Principles.


Code of Ethics

Chiba Taiko Partners set up the Code of Ethics that is valid inside the company. It was created in April 2010; this Code is in accordance with our Founder’s Principles mentioned above and addresses the rules that every management and worker in our company are supposed to follow when it comes to CSR and corporate governance.


Respect for Diversity

As of now, our team is comprised individuals of over 20 different nationalities, which shows our respect to diversity. One of the top concerns of our human resources is to maintain the diversity since it comes with great advantages for us.

Our varied staff members are the company’s finest resource. Chiba Taiko Partners thinks that by allowing its members appreciate different backgrounds and numerous categories of ideals of other employees, the whole team will operate in harmony. In this manner, the company will have the ability to meet the wide range of necessities of its clients.

Our company offers a range options for every team member to become active, productive, and make use of his/her skills and individual talents. Furthermore, the Code of Ethics of the company discourages any form of discrimination that is related to nationality, ethnic origin, sex, age, religion, opinion, social status, physical disabilities, or any other form of identity aspects. During the interview, the analysis and selection of new employees are not based on the differences mentioned above. This is also true about the salary determination.


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