Chiba Taiko Partners 千葉太鼓パートナーズ is one of the financial leaders of wealth management services for retail and corporate clients. We have created a solid international network cover all major business hubs by integrating high-class expert within their relevant fields.

Our distinct viewpoint is nourished by three main concepts: generating innovation, offering outstanding services, and maintaining an ascending path. With our leading status in the financial sector and our presence in Asian continents, our target is to grow into a world’s major investment service.

Chiba Taiko Partners give you many different systems to increase your capability, various job opportunities to match your competence and knowledge, and special options that are meant to help you contribute to our company’s future as a respected financial service. In other words, we dream to develop a genuine system with meritocratic aspects, which we think involves a multitude of possibilities and challenges.

You are invited to discover excellent options to work at our company with various groups of gifted and determined people across the world.


Join us on our journey: [email protected]